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Melbourne's Leading Nanny Agency conducts the business of introducing Carers for work in a variety of domestic and caring capacities. 

Carers come with:

  • Working with Children Check and/or
  • Police Check
  • Level II First Aid or CPR certificate and
  • Medical Clearance confirming that they are fit and capable of domestic and caring responsibilities
  • Public Liability Insurance

They have been through a strict, rigorous and thorough interview and induction process, this includes:

  • Resume Screening
  • Phone Interview
  • Individual Interview
  • Reference Checking
  • Induction Session

During this time we cover behavioural expectations, health and safety, financial obligations, tasks and responsibilities, duties, communication, and much more.

Our Carers are provided with the opportunity to attend regular Professional Development Workshops and Seminars, sent monthly newsletters that help them keep in the loop with any changes at Melbourne’s Leading Nanny Agency, provided information that ensures they are aware of changes in the childcare industry, and are regularly checked to ensure that their qualifications are up to date.

Whilst MLNA uses reasonable endeavours to check the Carer, sole responsibility for determining the suitability of a Carer remains with the Client.  MLNA will not be liable for any special, indirect or consequential loss or damage arising from engagement of a Carer by a Client.  Although MLNA may provide input and assistance in the selection process, the engagement of a Carer by a Client is ultimately the Client's sole responsibility.  Through the selection and placement of Carers to undertake the Duties, MLNA plays an active role in establishing the relationship between the Client and Carer. The Agency will provide replacement Carers to Clients and Clients to Carers upon request. In requesting and providing assistance in the selection of a Carer to perform duties for the Client.

Melbourne’s Leading Nanny Agency provides Carers that are available for engagement in 3 different capacities Flexible Independent Contracting or Structured Independent Contracting (30 hours per week or less) or as Permanent Placement (30 hours plus per week)

Employment Engagement Methods

Flexible Independant Contracting

  • A Carer can commit to specific days of work with a Client on a short-term or ongoing basis. This arrangement can cease or be modified at any time at the request of either Party.  The engagement of a Carer on an infrequent, short-term or ongoing basis in the capacity of an independent contractor does not require a Client to guarantee permanent work for the Carer, nor is the Carer required to guarantee permanent availability.
  • The Carer's hourly rate will be determined in consultation with the Client after MLNA assesses the Client’s work requirements and considers, for example, the number of persons to be cared for, ages of persons to be cared for, required duties, qualifications and experience of the Carer, current market trends and any specific or unique circumstances which the Client may have.
  • As independent contractors, such Carers are responsible for their own tax payments and statutory obligations.  The Clients are not liable for the payment of holiday or personal leave.
  • For the Client’s superannuation responsibilities please visit (Note: domestic Employees who work no more than 30 hours per week are not eligible for superannuation)
  • The Client will be required to arrange appropriate Work Cover for a Carer where fees paid to the Contractor are in excess of $7,500 per annum.  Please phone Work Cover Advisory Service on 1800 136 089 to clarify your responsibilities.
  • Independent Contractors pay for and are covered by public liability insurance provided by MLNA / Other (if policy is utilized, the Client shall be responsible for excess payment)
  • In the event that the Client requires their Contractor to transport family members in his or her own vehicle during working hours, the Client will be required to reimburse the Carer for kilometers travelled. Note that if the Carer has an accident whilst driving the Clients car or their own vehicle during working hours and for the benefit of the Client, the Client is responsible for paying the insurance excess for the claim. The Client is responsible for ensuring that the Carer has appropriate child safety restraints and vehicle insurance policies, this is not MLNA' responsibility.
  • At the conclusion of each booking or each period of service to a maximum of seven (7) days, the Carer will provide the Client with a Tax invoice which will include an amount to cover the applicable booking fees payable to MLNA, Contractors Charges, reimbursement for associated costs and Superannuation if applicable. 
  • The amount set out in the Tax Invoice is payable immediately and directly to the Carer unless the Client is notified of a requested redirection of a Carer's fees to MLNA in such circumstances listed in Clauses (16 & H).  In this case the Agency will request full or part payment direct to the Agency from the Client.

Structured Independent Contracting

  • As above, however a basic contractual document may be created to formalize the arrangement between the parties if desired.  It may include specific agreements reached surrounding items such as: Holiday Leave, Personal Leave, Period of notice, and other expectations and responsibilities surrounding the Engagement. Upon request, MLNA can provide a discussion planner and draft contract to assist with the creation of such a document.

Permanent Engagement

(Option only available for positions of 30 hours or more per week) parties may continue as Flexible or Structured Independent Contracting if preferred

  • Upon completion by a Carer of a minimum trial period of 10 engagements as an Independent Contractor, the Client may engage the Carer in a Permanent Placement Capacity. 
  • A written contract will need to be prepared and signed by both the Client and the Carer.  MLNA provides discussion planners and draft contracts to assist with the creation of a contract.
  • The Client will be required to guarantee the Carer a set (minimum) number of hours (must be 30hrs or over per week).  To find out more about the Client’s obligations in this regard, please contact Fairwork Australia  - 13 13 94  or 
  • The Client will be responsible for deducting PAYG tax on behalf of the Client’s Employee and for contributions to the Carer’s nominated superannuation fund.  Further information is available through the ATO Info Line 13 28 66 or via
  • The Client will be required to arrange appropriate Work Cover and other insurances. Further information can be obtained at or 1800 136 089
  • The Client will be required to pay holiday and personal leave entitlements to the Carer in accordance with law.
  • Upon commencement of any permanent contractual engagement by the Client of the Carer, the Client will be provided with a permanent placement Tax Invoice from MLNA, as per the fee and pricing table.  This amount is payable within seven days of receipt.
  • During the first four weeks of the ongoing employment, the Agency will provide assistance with job description modification and training needs and facilitating discussion between Carer and Client where necessary or required.
  • During the first four weeks of a Carers ongoing engagement, if the Client are dissatisfied with the Carers performance or conduct, additional applicants will be put to the Client for consideration as a potential replacement.  If a suitable applicant is not located, the permanent placement fee will be refunded to the Client less any daily booking fees that would otherwise have been charged for this period. 

Payroll Administrative facility availability upon request
(this is mandatory for all Approved In-Home Care positions)

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