Services: Flexible or
Labour Hire
Description: The Carer is engaged directly by the Family as an Independent Contractor, the Carer handles their own financials The Carer is engaged directly by the Family. The Family acts as a PAYG tax with holder, managing the payroll obligations The Carer is engaged directly by the Family. The parties utilise MLNA Payroll Service, MLNA manages the payroll obligations for both parties The Carer is employed by MLNA in a Labour Hire capacity. MLNA bills the Family for care services provided.
Rate: Casual $20+ per hour Ongoing $23+ per hour $23+ per hour Plus Super, Work Cover & Insurance As per the National Employment Standard by agreement between the parties Quote estimates specific to job
Fees: $25 per day Once off $3500 $25 per day Included in quote estimate
Type: Once Off, Short Term, Irregular or Regular Hours Regular Days and Hours Domestic Payroll Service for Casual, Part Time or Permanent Roles Irregular or Regular Days and Hours

*All NPP participants must use option 4*

Fees (Flexible / Structured Independent Contracting or Permanent Positions)

Casual bookings will be at the base hourly rate as listed in the Care Rates below. On occasion, high demand and low supply may require us to ask you to offer more than the below recommended rates in order to secure a carer. Time and a half applies for Bookings made on Public holidays. Permanent ongoing positions demand a higher hourly rate than the Casual Care Rates listed below. The Carer's hourly rate will be determined in consultation with both You and the Carer after Melbourne's Leading Nanny Agency assesses your work requirements and considers, for example, the number of persons to be cared for, ages of persons to be cared for, required duties, qualifications and experience of the Carer, current market trends and any specific or unique circumstances which you may have.

For overnight bookings and short term live in’s, please ring for a quote. (03) 9576 7000

Weekends start 6pm Friday and end midnight Sunday

Casual Care Rates (Permanent Negotiable)
Evening Care / BabysittingFrom $20 per hr
Day Time Care / Nanny (more than 4hrs)From $22 per hr
Day Time Care / Nanny (4 hrs or less)From $24 per hr
Morning Care / Before School Care / Mothers HelpFrom $28 per hr
Afternoon Care / After School / Mothers HelpFrom $28 per hr
Mothercraft Care (day time)From $28 per hr
Mothercraft Care (night time)From $30 per hr
Cleaners / IronersFrom $25 per hr
HousekeepersFrom $27 per hr
Elderly Care / Pet Care / House Minding / PCANegotiable
WEEKEND RATES an extra $1 per hour
(Friday Evening to Sunday Evening)

Casual Cancellation Policy for Confirmed Bookings

A confirmed booking is when a Carer has confirmed with the client via phone or text
(This is charged via CC at time of cancellation)

$25More than 24 hours prior to commencement
$50Less than 24 hours prior to commencement
$75Less than 4 business hours prior to commencement of shift
 (If a replacement shift can be given to the Carer then only $25)

Ongoing / Regular booking cancellation negotiable dependent on situation.

Remuneration for cancellation is usually a good will gesture for the Carer. Some situations may require the parties to consider a Structured Contracting arrangement to ensure ongoing satisfaction for both (for example when unexpected cancellations occur and a Client or Carer feel that a more structured Independent Contracting arrangement would be suitable). The agency can supply information regarding this engagement type.

Same Day Booking / Late Booking Fee

(This is charged via CC at time of booking, refundable if we cannot supply)

$25 Same Day / Late booking fee – in addition to Daily agency fee collected by carer

Pricing Table - all inclusive (as at March 1st 2016) Not applicable for Nanny Pilot Participants

More than 2 children, extra $1 per hour per child.
Minimum 3 hours, below listed pricing INCLUDES hourly rate, $25 agency fee inc. GST and insurance it DOES NOT INCLUDE Work cover and Superannuation obligations which you will be required to pay if required. Refer to & for you employer obligations.

Rate3 Hrs4 Hrs5 Hrs6 Hrs7 Hrs8 Hrs9 Hrs10 Hrs11 Hrs12 Hrs
$20.00 / hr$85.00$105.00$125.00$145.00$165.00$185.00$205.00$225.00$245.00$265.00
$21.00 / hr$88.00$109.00$130.00$151.00$172.00$193.00$214.00$235.00$256.00$277.00
$22.00 / hr$91.00$113.00$135.00$157.00$179.00$201.00$223.00$245.00$267.00$289.00
$23.00 / hr$94.00$117.00$140.00$163.00$186.00$209.00$232.00$255.00$278.00$301.00
$24.00 / hr$97.00$121.00$145.00$169.00$193.00$217.00$241.00$265.00$289.00$313.00
$25.00 / hr$100.00$125.00$150.00$175.00$200.00$225.00$250.00$275.00$300.00$325.00
$26.00 / hr$103.00$129.00$155.00$181.00$207.00$233.00$259.00$285.00$311.00$337.00
$27.00 / hr$106.00$133.00$160.00$187.00$214.00$241.00$268.00$295.00$322.00$349.00
$28.00 / hr$109.00$137.00$165.00$193.00$221.00$249.00$277.00$305.00$333.00$361.00
$29.00 / hr$112.00$141.00$170.00$199.00$228.00$257.00$286.00$315.00$344.00$373.00
$30.00 / hr$115.00$145.00$175.00$205.00$235.00$265.00$295.00$325.00$355.00$385.00
$31.00 / hr$118.00$149.00$180.00$211.00$242.00$273.00$304.00$335.00$366.00$397.00
$32.00 / hr$121.00$153.00$185.00$217.00$249.00$281.00$313.00$345.00$377.00$409.00