Changes to Immunisation Requirements – December 201

As of January 1st 2016, the requirements for Immunisations are changing for family payments, including: Child Care Benefit, Child Care Rebate, Family Tax Benefit Part A Supplement and the upcoming Nanny Pilot Programme.

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Commission for Children and Young People Report - 9th of October

On 13 November 2013 the Family and Community Development Committee of the Victorian Parliament tabled the report of its Inquiry into the Handling of Child Abuse by Religious and Other Non-Government Organisations (the Betrayal of Trust Inquiry).1 The report provided 15 recommendations, including that the Victorian government review its contractual and funding arrangements with education and community service organisations that work with children and young people to ensure they have a minimum standard for ensuring a child-safe environment.

The government is committed to implementing all of the Inquiry’s recommendations, and proposes to introduce compulsory child safe standards that would apply to organisations working with children in Victoria.

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DHS - Creating Child Safe Organisations- 1st of October 2015

Child abuse is unacceptable and ensuring children’s safety is a top priority for the Victorian Government.

Creating child safe organisations is a key component of the Victorian Government’s response to the report of the Parliamentary Inquiry into the Handling of Child Abuse by Religious and other Non-Government Organisations (Betrayal of Trust Inquiry).

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MLNA - What Makes an AMAZING Nanny?- 26th November 2015

The Team at Melbourne’s Leading Nanny Agency came up with what we look for in our Nannies! We are always on the hunt for the best Nannies from all across Melbourne!

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DHS - New Child Safe Standards Enshrined into Law- 7th of December 2015

New Child Safe Standards Enshrined into Law

We are pleased to inform you that the Victorian Parliament has passed the legislation to introduce the standards.

The standards aim to improve the way organisations prevent and respond to child abuse.

The standards will apply to organisations that provide services for children and will be implemented in phases. Organisations funded and/or regulated by government are required to work towards compliance with the child safe standards from 1 January 2016. Remaining organisations in scope will need to be compliant with the standards from 1 January 2017.

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ANA- What are the Benefits of Utilising an ANA Nanny Agency- 2015

New Child Safe Standards Enshrined into Law

What are the benefits of utilising an ANA approved agency when recruiting my nanny?

Families sometimes ask, why should I engage a nanny agency when I can just conduct my own search? It's important to consider the options available, costs and time savings when looking into recruiting your nanny.

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Fair Work Ombudsman – FWO Knowledge Connect- October 2015

Knowledge Connect, or ‘Konnect’ as we like to call it, is an exciting new way for us to interact with you. Konnect is a collaborative online space, where you can share your industry knowledge and experience with us and the Konnect online community./p>

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Nanny News Online - Agency Spotlight: MLNA - 29th September 2015

Melbourne’s Leading Nanny Agency started in Annie Sargoods (Agency Owner) Mothers Front Lounge Room in 1999. It was oringally named Armadale Sitters but when the business expanded and became highly regarded they changed the name. It was so successful that they had to shift into a funky little office in Armadale. Later on they moved into a large office in Brighton East, where they remain. Never in Annie’s wildest dreams did she think she would create such an amazing award winning business or have her mum as a business partner.

They have 13 amazing women running their office, all whom take their jobs very seriously and adore forging long lasting relationships with both their Clients and their Carers alike. They provide wonderful service and support, holding professional development and industry standards in high regard. Servicing Victoria Wide, Metro, Rural and Remote areas.

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Australian Nanny Association- Alice Vandersteen Professional Nanny- 24th September

Alice Vandersteen joins us to discuss her career as a professional nanny.

I started working through a top Melbourne agency that specialised in hotel work. I also did a nanny training course at the beginning of my career. It was a six month course, two days a week. I had done a lot of work experience prior to becoming a nanny. In crèches and a centre for under privileged children. As a teen I used to babysit the local kids. So I always had an interest in working with children.

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DHS - Nanny Pilot Programme - 18th September 2015

The Australian Government is investing $246 million over two years for the Nanny Pilot Programme.

The pilot programme will provide subsidised care for about 10,000 children to help families meet the cost of using a nanny.

It will support families who struggle to access child care services because they work non standard hours, or live in regional or remote areas or away from existing child care.

The Nanny Pilot Programme Guidelines provide further information on how the pilot programme will operate, including eligibility criteria for service providers, families and nannies. A Nanny Pilot Programme fact sheet and frequently asked questions are also available.

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MLNA - Nanny Share Information: Things to Consider - 2nd September 2015

Nanny Share is where two or more families engage one professional nanny to care for their children together within a home environment.

Nanny Share can be a happy medium between traditional nanny care and childcare centres. Your child will still received the one-on-one attention, but also benefit from the interaction with the other children in care. Since there are not as many children around, your child may not get sick as often as they may at a childcare centre. However, be prepared for some germ-sharing, it’s unavoidable when children get together.

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Care For Kids - Child Care Subsidy Fraud - 15th July 2015

Fraud - Authorities urge parents to help stop child care subsidy fraud.

With recent arrests and seizures by the Australian Federal Police and Child Care Compliance Taskforce, parents and educators alike are being urged to help stop child care subsidy fraud by reporting any individuals, services or coordination units that are not operating in a law-abiding way.

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Huffington Post - Having a Nanny - Stop Shaming.. - 15th July 2015

Ladies, we're (well you're) in a weird place. Since the boom of the 80s and birth of the early 90s women have been told they must "have it all". The HBO shaped modern woman is empowered and driven, and if she decides not to take advantage of all the equal opportunities laid casually at her feet she is old fashioned and anti-feminist. Work like a man, play like a man, dress like a diva.

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Popsugar- How It Feels to Love Another Mother’s Child- 9th of June

The thing about being a nanny — or in any line of childcare — is that you get attached to a child that doesn't in any way belong to you. Twenty-four hours into my first day as a full-time nanny, I fell completely in love with a little boy that isn't mine to love. He has two amazing parents, a wonderful extended family, and now, a baby sister who is going to unconditionally love and idolize him forever — but he also has me, and I love the kid to absolute pieces.

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SMH - Childcare industry wants Scott Morrison's subsidised nannies to be qualified - 31st May 2015

Nanny training schools and agencies have warned that the qualifications bar has been set too low for nannies who will work under a new federal government scheme to provide subsidised home care from next year.

The few requirements for nannies to be subsidised under the $250 million program announced by Social Services Minister Scott Morrison in April are that they be over 18, have first aid training and have been cleared by police to work with children.

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SMH - Nanny subsidy pilot scheme to start in January 2016 to help parents who can't access mainstream childcare services- 2nd May 2015

For hundreds of thousands of Australian families, the daily wrestle between work commitments and family life is Sisyphean? in its dimensions. Childcare is expensive, and hard to get. Even though the federal government spends $7 billion a year on early childhood services, still there are huge numbers of parents who can't find childcare at a location, price, quality or hours they need, the Productivity Commission reports. The most flexible option, nannies, has always been far beyond the reach of ordinary workers. With a going rate of $20 to $30 an hour, a nanny can quickly cost more than $1000 a week, without the taxpayer assistance that goes to other childcare. As such, a nanny has in Australia seemed a luxury only the very wealthy could afford.

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MLNA - Government Nanny Pilot Program - 1st May 2015

Federal Government Announcement About Nanny Pilot Program

Although reputable nanny agencies are regulated as per the Australian Nanny Association guidelines, it is wonderful to know that the Abbott Government wants to put formal guidelines in place, which will bring the 'in home care' industry standards more in line the 'centre based childcare' industry.

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Aus Nanny Assoc. - Nanny Convention 2015

The Australian Nanny Association – non-profit professional membership Association and national peak body representing the Australian nanny community is holding Australia’s first Nanny Convention and third Annual General Meeting.

Focus of the Convention THEME: Let's bring back the play

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ANA - Benefits of utilising an ANA Nanny Agency - 2015

What are the benefits of utilising an ANA approved agency when recruiting my nanny?

Families sometimes ask, why should I engage a nanny agency when I can just conduct my own search? It’s important to consider the options available, costs and time savings when looking into recruiting your nanny.

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Nanny Mag - Importance of Professional Development

Professional development is the ongoing process of acquiring new knowledge and skills in your profession. Most careers, especially in the corporate world, will require that their employees complete a certain amount of hours of professional development per year. These opportunities are usually readily available to employees, whether they are held on company property or at a distant location for which the company will typically provide paid time off for. Some of these classes are at no extra cost to the employee, however there some that the employees are responsible to pay for.

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INA - Recommended Practices for Nannies

Working in a glamorous setting, rubbing elbows with the rich and famous, and traveling the world with small children by your side may sound enticing. The truth is, positions like this don’t come along often. Most nannies are employed by professional couples who simply desire to have the best care for their children while they are at work.

Having a solid understanding about the in-home child care industry can help you decide if working as a nanny is right for you. If you are considering becoming a nanny, it’s important that you have a clear understanding of:

  • the roles and responsibilities of a nanny
  • recommended educational competencies for nannies, and
  • professional standards and best practices for nannies.

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