ANA- What are the Benefits of Utilising an ANA Nanny Agency- 2015

Australian Nanny Association
What are the benefits of utilising an ANA approved agency when recruiting my nanny?

Families sometimes ask, why should I engage a nanny agency when I can just conduct my own search?
It's important to consider the options available, costs and time savings when looking into recruiting your nanny.

Candidates who have already been tried and tested:
Agencies tend to work with career nannies and childcare educators exclusively. When you work with an agency you automatically cull the non-career applicants out of the hiring process.
Most nanny candidates will also hold qualifications in childcare or are currently studying toward qualifications. The agency has usually been utilising their nannies casually and has a good working relationship with them. The agency uses experience and knowledge of their nannies to put forward well matched candidates for interviews with client families.


Background checking and screening is so much more than just the basic checks:

An experienced nanny agency is well heeled in ensuring each nanny has been thoroughly background checked.

These checks include:

  • Current Working with Children Check
  • National Police Check if their Working with Children Check is less than 12 months old.
  • Current accredited first aid and CPR.
  • At least two recent child related employment referees.
  • A minimum of 2 years full time relevant experience

Agencies are experienced in interviewing nanny candidates and undertaking relevant reference checks. The agency knows the right questions to ask and how to engage the candidate to obtain the most out of the interview process.

The agency coordinates interviews and trial dates with the family:

This can be a great benefit to the busy family as the agency coordinates dates, times and follows up the process. Some agencies can even provide you with an interview kit to assist you in interviewing your nanny candidates. The agency also provides feedback to the family and candidates and takes the hard work out of telling candidates if they have or haven't got the job and why.

Your private information and confidentiality is well protected compared to using websites, and only specific candidates you choose from a select pool of professional nannies are given the basic and necessary information.

Do contracts, negotiations and employment obligations sounds overwhelming?:

This is what nanny agencies specialise in. The agency assists you with negotiating conditions, salary and contracts. Most agencies will provide you with a standard draft contract to use with your new nanny and basic guidance on how to implement the conditions. Agencies will also provide information on tax obligations and legalities in regards to conditions, inclusions and insurance. This helps ensure that the expectations of both the nanny and the family are communicated from the start of employment and will help prevent possible disagreement in the future.

There are also some agencies that offer additional or specialised services such as domestic home help or mothercraft newborn care.
Agencies charge fees for their services that make the search for a professional nanny safe, secure, simple and time saving. The Australian Nanny Association has many excellent agency members who have met the ANA membership criteria. If you do go the agency route be sure to do some research to find the right agency that will work for you.


What are the benefits of going through an agency if you are a nanny?

  • The family will have been screened by the agency for your safety.
  • The agency has arranged your interview and provided guidance to help you gain the job.
  • The agency provides feedback after your interview or trial to assist you with future positions.
  • The agency has provided guidance to the family and you in regards to legal employment obligations, job description and rates of pay for the nanny.
  • The agency can assist you with negotiating pay and conditions with your job.
  • The agency is there to support you before and during your placement.
  • The agency provides you with up to date trends, legalities and educational workshops to attend.
  • The agency can assist you to find the job you are specifically wanting.
  • The agency can provide you with casual work in between job