Melbourne’s Leading Nanny Agency Media Release - 1st May 2015

A MESSAGE FROM "Melbourne's Leading Nanny Agency" Est 1999 - CEO Annie Sargood


It is a very exciting time for the previously self regulated nanny industry.

Although reputable nanny agencies are regulated as per the Australian Nanny Association guidelines, it is wonderful to know that the Abbott Government wants to put formal guidelines in place, which will bring the 'in home care' industry standards more in line the 'centre based childcare' industry. Both 'centre based' and 'in home' childcare are extremely different entities and the parameters in which they operate will need to be treated that way, which is why Minister Scott Morrison, is very carefully assessing the needs and developing the protocols during the $246 million two year pilot programme.


The pilot will provide support to families who struggle to access affordable child care services when working, studying or looking for work by extending subsidy support to 'in home care' services as well. The subsidised care should reach approximately 10,000 children, especially those from middle to low income families. Nannies are not meant to replace mainstream child care services, but allows families to make the choice between what type of child care service will best suit their family. This could even be in the capacity of having nannies as an addition to other forms of childcare. Only families on incomes below $250,000 per year will be eligible for support. Workers such as nurses, police officers, ambulance officers and fire fighters, as well as other shift workers, are too often unable to access child care. With the Government's proposal these families are able to take advantage of extra support due to the nature of their work. Other families that will be able to access these rebates include those living in rural or regional areas and those who have children with special needs, for whom mainstream child care services are often inaccessible, lack the necessary flexibility required for their personal situation.

The requirements for nannies include:

  • Current First Aid and CPR
  • Working With Children Check
  • Over 18 years old
  • Cannot be related to the child they are supervising
  • Must be attached to a government approved service provider

(Currently are not required to hold a minimum early childhood qualification)

It has been both exciting and confusing for the tens of thousands of nannies whose vocation is finally being recognised as an alternative to centre based care. As supported by Minister Scott Morrisons press conference in Penrith, NSW, the government will leave it to parents to decide if they wish to engage a nanny with formal educational qualifications. There will be no differential subsidy provided in these circumstance.


ECA 'Early Childhood Australia' are lobbying heavily to have all nannies complete a minimum qualification of a Certificate III in childcare, which is a course specific to centre based care, before being eligible for subsidy. At this stage there is no specific course tailored to in home care/nannying. It is however Melbourne's Leading Nanny Agency's' and the ANA's opinion, that although professional development and education for nannies is important:- that it is unrealistic to expect a nanny to leave their family for a 240 hour placement in a childcare centre in order to graduate. If a minimum qualification is to be required:- we believe a modified version of the Certificate III be tailored to specifically focus on 'in home' care, perhaps repackaged as a Certificate II with no placement hours requirements, instead completing assessment for competency in the home environment. Therefore making it possible to encourage nannies to concurrently up skill whilst maintaining their current employment position. ACECQA indicates that there will not be a review of the current training packages for a further 1.5 years.


SERVICE PROVIDERS (will be government approved)

  • The pilot will be open for tender in the new financial year.
  • The eligibility criteria is for service providers is yet to be determined.
  • There will be an open tender process.
  • ANA and Melbourne's Leading Nanny Agency will be lobbying to be able to participate in the nanny pilot.
  • Commencement will be January 2016 if the funds allocated are passed through the Senate.

Nannies currently working privately can remain as private nannies or choose to participate in the nanny pilot program by registering with participating service providers. There will still be private nanny arrangements as there has always been. Service providers have not been allocated as yet.


For further information contact Annie Sargood 03 9576 7000 or 0417 312 958